Petition to end the reign of the CAPTCHA

kill captchas displayed in captcha format

Grab your pitchforks. It’s time to end this, once and for all… the CAPTCHA. Must. Die.

Recently, The Australian Communications Consumer Action Group (ACCAN) launched a campaign via to rally frustrated users to petition organisations, both large and small to finally do away with CAPTCHA’s once and for all. Local groups such as Blind Citizens Australia, Media Access Australia, Able Australia and the Australian Deafblind Council have also teamed up to promote the campaign. In an open letter to the CEO’s of companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Google and others, the petition urges action and moral responsibility as well as to lead the way in eradicating CAPTCHA’s from their own websites and providing accessible alternatives.

Speaking at the Brisbane Content Strategy Meetup in July, I mentioned to the attendees about my very own frustrations with CAPTCHA’s. As a person with a cognitive disability (dyslexia), dealing with CAPTCHA’s can range from a slight annoyance to a downright daily struggle. Normally, my method personally is to simply refresh the image, usually at least five times on average before I can even begin to attempt answering, of what I often see as a confusing splat of letters and numbers. I encourage everyone to join in and sign the petition at

More information about the Kill CAPTCHA’s campaign can be obtained from ACCAN’s media release.

Charlie Carter is an accessibility consultant and Director at Webbism. You can follow him on Twitter @dangercharlie or on Google Plus.

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