Make WordPress Accessible

Webbism Founder and Director, Charlie Carter, on the options that developers have to improve accessibility within the WordPress content management system (CMS) platform. Charlie Spoke to Media Access Australia before his presentation at the WordCamp Brisbane conference, running 30-31 May, which will cover practical insights into and advice about making WordPress more inclusive.   Where […]

Web Accessibility Q&A with AccessIQ

Access iQ spoke with Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility (PCWA) graduate, Charlie Carter, Founder / Director at Webbism about the benefits of further education in web accessibility. How does web accessibility come into your role at your Webbism? How does accessibility come into what Webbism does? Web accessibility is completely central to our work process. […]

New software gives hope to Australian students

Innovative cloud software ‘Include Me’ launches at the Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference Media Release – 20 May 2014 An innovative cloud based inclusion software, ‘Include Me’ is being launched in the Australian market at the Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference 20 – 23 May 2014, Gold Coast, Queensland.    Include Me is an exciting new software […]

May 15 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2014

One of the aims of #GAAD  is to raise awareness of digital accessibility and to encourage participation in challenging but fun ways! What can you do to participate? Here are a few suggestions: Unplug your mouse for one hour Sounds crazy right? But did you know many people with limited dexterity or those who are blind, and […]

Web Accessibility in Sharepoint 2013

It’s been a while since our last blog on web accessibility in Sharepoint. That focused specifically on Sharepoint 2010 and whilst it has been useful to many, Sharepoint 2013 has brought with it a few web accessibility improvements worth mentioning. From our research and discussions with experts on the subject, many now agree that Sharepoint 2013 […]

Join us to highlight disability awareness for IDDR 2013

We invite you to join us in highlighting the issue of disability this International Day for Disaster Reduction (13 October) by participating in a Thunderclap and helping promote our Accessibility Toolkit. The focus of #idrr is on the one billion people around the world who live with some form of disability. By joining the Thunderclap […]

ARIA and accessibility: Adding focus to any HTML element

This is the final part of the four-part series which explores different accessibility issues that can be solved by using Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA). See also part 1. ARIA and accessibility: Navigation, part 2. ARIA and accessibility: Navigation and part 3. ARIA and accessibility: Widgets. On modern websites, interface controls such as show/hide and controls to select personal preferences are […]

Petition to end the reign of the CAPTCHA

Grab your pitchforks. It’s time to end this, once and for all… the CAPTCHA. Must. Die. Recently, The Australian Communications Consumer Action Group (ACCAN) launched a campaign via to rally frustrated users to petition organisations, both large and small to finally do away with CAPTCHA’s once and for all. Local groups such as Blind Citizens Australia, […]

Making infographics accessible

They have become useful tools for presenting data in an attractive way, but are you considering potential accessibility problems for infographics? (Image credit to Access iQ) Infographics are certainly becoming more and more popular in recent times, and for good reason too. A good infographic can engage an audience, explain the relationships in the data […]

Meet Nas, ABC’s first cadet journo with a visual impairment

This story which aired on ABC News recently features Nas Campanella, the ABC’s first cadet journo with a visual impairment. It is a truly inspiring tale of how assistive technology can be used within the workplace. I won’t spoil it, but please check out the closed captioned video below to discover her remarkable talent and […]

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